WNBA Washington Mystics 2012


SEAL Team Physical Training took the WNBA's Washington Mystic basketball team outside of their comfort zone and proved we can all do more than we think, especially when we work as a team.  Head Coach, Trudi Lacey, did push ups, paddled boats, and used ropes right along side her team. 

Navy SEAL John McGuire will give an Opening Season speech to Washington Mystics on Saturday Night at the Verizon Center just before their 1st game of the season.

WBNA's Washington Mystics and SEAL Team Physical Training

2012 WNBA Washington Mystics Team

 Video of the Washington Mystics and SEAL Team PT

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Washington Post Article about SEAL Team PT and the Washington Mystics WNBA Team

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Navy SEAL John McGuire gave the locker room pre-season game speech to the Mystics 19 May 2012 at the Verizon Center.