SEAL Team Physical Training

30 Day Eat Clean, Train Dirty Challenge

The 30 Day Challenge kicks off 1/14/2019.
Cost is only $40.

30 Day Challenge

This is easier than you might think. We are not trying to get too complicated. Anyone can register and participate in this challenge. You can earn points for exercise and points for cleaner eating each day. Simply earn enough points to complete the challenge!

Two Requirements

  • Eat cleaner for 30 days
  • Exercise for 30 days

How do you earn Eat Cleaner points?

Earn 2 points per day if you do at least one of the following:

  • Eat nothing out of a box for one meal or snack per day. (recipes and snack ideas will be provided)
  • Drink water with each meal
  • No fast food which generally includes establishments with a drive through

How to you earn exercise points?

Earn 2 points per days for the following:

  • Walk 10,000 steps per day OR
  • Do a SEAL Team PT workout

Tracking your steps

Need an easy way to record your steps? Download the free Pacer app.

Don't have a smart device? Purchase a pedometer for under $5.

To complete the challenge

Accumulate enough points to qualify as a Finisher and earn a t-shirt and bragging rights.

  • Finisher = 100 points
  • Over Achiever Finisher = 120+ points
  • Beast Finisher = 130+ points
  • Savage Finisher = Top 3 overall in points

Extra Point Opportunities

  • Do the challenge with a buddy and earn 5 points
  • No alcohol during the entire challenge to earn 5 extra points
  • Eat fruit and or vegetables with each meal during the entire challenge to earn 5 extra points