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"There really is nothing like teamwork to bring out the best in people!"

Hoo yah Team!

I was born and raised in Richmond, VA. In high school I trained in karate,
wrestled, ran cross country, raced bicycles, and played soccer. After High School I joined the US Navy and served 10 years as a US Navy SEAL.  While a Navy SEAL I served around the world and became a Sniper Instructor.   In addition to many endurance races, I trained in Wing Chung, Mui Thai, Jujitsu, and American style boxing. While serving, my team and I trained hundreds of people worldwide to be their best both physically and mentally. We experienced firsthand how the combination of teamwork and physical fitness can bring out the best in people.  Since starting SEAL Team PT in 1998 my new mission is helping people become stronger, healthier, and more confident.

             How strong do you want to be?

SEAL Team PT is based on my experience and includes many exercise regimens practiced by Navy SEALs. "If you keep fitness fun you are more likely to stick with it." We put a strong emphasis on teamwork, leadership, and confidence in our workouts.

Every day is something different at a different place. The best thing about SEAL Team PT is the people who participate. One member said she moved to Richmond, joined STPT, and felt like she had an instant 100 friends. It is not unusual to see 200 people at our 5:45am class. We also have 9:30am and 6pm classes 5 days per week. Most people sign up from word of mouth so we appreciate any effort you can make to tell a friend. On a given day I may be leading workouts with children ages 5 -12 (Pup classes) to adult classes ranging in ages from 15 to 76. Seeing huge changes in our members’ self-confidence and health makes this training rewarding experience and SEAL Team PT the best job in the world.

Are you getting results?

I am impressed with what our folks are achieving. Men and women have lost individually over 100 pounds. Men and women are attempting and completing marathons and doing pull-ups for the first time in their lives. We even have a few men and women over 40 years old running marathons just over 3 hours and doing around 20 pull-ups. One woman could not complete one lap around a track when we met her. She tells me she lost 4 dress sizes and now runs most 5k races in Richmond. It is great to see couples working out together and then getting their children involved. Many adults tell me they are surprised their children are capable of organizing and giving instructions to other children to complete tasks during our workouts.

Are You proud of your workout?

Proud is a good word to describe how I feel about those motivated to serve. Several Fitness Members have done tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places in the world. Others, who trained with us, are now actual US Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, FBI agents, and several are serving in other military and law enforcement careers. It is always great to have these folks working out with us when they are in town.   If someone saved your life, would the differences between you really matter?  On our team everyone has value and we leave no-one behind.

                                  Best Instructors

We are sure you will do more with us as a team than you will at
home on your own. Whether up front or, in the back, we are all part of the team. Our Instructors are hand picked and trained to provide you with fun, challenging, and creative workouts that will keep you coming back for more. Our team of highly motivating Instructors do a great job, have many traits I admire, and make SEAL Team PT successful. If you are serious about being the best you can be, contact us today so we can help you have fun while we get you in the best shape of your life.  To learn more about our Instructors Click Here...

                                  Try Something New

Optional events include kayaking, mountain biking, mountain climbing, team dinners, team movie nights, beach parties, night swims, Christmas parties, adventure races, sky diving, rappelling, and more.


                                        More Training Opportunities

4Outside of daily fitness workouts we also offer corporate team building, athletic team building, and motivational speaking. Some of our clients include Wachovia, Capital One, KBS Inc., Care Advantage, Dominion Resources, Merrill Lynch, Land America, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Ryan Homes, U of R football, Hampden-Sydney lacrosse, and Varina HS football.  For years corporate teams have flown their people here to Richmond, VA to train with our team.  Now we are getting request to travel around the country and overseas.  Click here for more information.


Making the World a Better Place

Everyone admires the skill and strength of a great athlete, but sometimes we can get just as much if not more motivation from someone who has less in the way of fitness, but makes up for their shortcomings and still succeeds by using the power of the human spirit  with sheer determination.  Many have heard me say just because you are tired does not mean you are defeated.  We bring people together and show them they can do more than they think, especially when they work as a team.  Our positive but challenging approach to teamwork is affecting positive changes in peoples lives, so in a small way we are making the world a better place.  In September 2008 we celebrated 10 years of SEAL Team PT. With your help we are looking forward to making the next ten years even better!

John McGuire
CEO & Founder

Photos of John



 Young Frogman Photo
My dad, brother, and me to the left 
combat swim
 Combat Swimmer Gear around 1994
 Muddy Buddy race with Tracy just before 1st Place


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